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Veggie Treats

Green Seaweed, 100% Natural Super Food
(Porphyra yezoensis)
Net Weight: 33 grams (1.16 oz) - 10% More than the Competition!

  • Hervibore Fish Food
  • Great for all Marine, Pond and Fresh Water Fish
  • Only One "Pre-Cut in Easy to Use Strips" in a Foil Zip Bag
  • Great source of Vitamins and Natural Color Enhancers

Veggie Treats are perfect for algae-grazing fish as Surgeon Fishes, Tangs, Parrot Fish, Damsels, Angel Fish, Triggers, Sucker-mouth Catfishes, Cichlids, Goldfish, Koi and many others, that feed on Algae.

A complete balanced nutrition must include also daily doses, of live and frozen fish foods.

Our Veggie Treats, are sea plants that burst with multi-nutrients, so yummy that it creates a Feeding Frenzy, that no other plant in the world can give! GreenSeaweed feeds and supports every cell, tissue and organs of your fish pets.Seaweed is the world’s most basic yet most complete food! Packed with anti-oxidants, Omega 3 fatty acids, absolutely indispensable to maintain healthy and beautiful fish.

No terrestrial plant can provide your Aquarium Fish with the powerful nutrition that Veggie Treats do.

Give Veggie Treats to your Pet Fish, the food they deserve and will devour.

Directions: Use one Pre-cut, easy to use section of Veggie Treats once or twice daily. Remove any uneaten left over food after 12 hours.

Ingredients: Dried Natural GreenSeaweed, packed with Vitamin C, B1, B6, B2, K & A. Amino acids include alanine, glutamic acid, glycine & taurine.Trace Elements include zinc, manganese, copper & selenium.

Guarantied Analysis:
Crude Protein: (min) 37%, Crude Fat: (min) 3%, Crude Fiber: (max) 3.5%, Moisture: (max) 8.6%, Omega 3's: (min) 0.5%

Storage: Once pack is open, lock zip bag to retain freshness and store refrigerated.

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