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New Era Aquaculture is a manufacturer of high quality fish foods, which has been rapidly gaining market share in the UK, Europe and abroad for the past five years.

It is now available to the Hobbyist through Dr.G's Marine Aquaculture, both in this Website and through the LFS, which carry Dr.G's products.

What makes New Era feeds, so special & unique, is that the flakes and pellets are all processed at the lowest possible temperature.

We all know that heat reduces the nutritional profile of food and it destroys many essential vitamins. To avoid this, New Era has developed processes for preserving the nutrition of the ingredients and their foods are extremely popular with large public aquariums and aquaculture operations.

The success of the large public aquariums is now available to the hobbyist, from beginner to expert.

New Era Mini Marine Grazer
Mini Marine Grazer
110 grams - $19.99
(includes shipping)
Marine Ranger
Marine Range Flakes & Pellets
Flakes 15 grams - $12.99
Pellets 120 grams - $16.99
(includes shipping)
Herbivore Range
Herbivore Range Flakes & Pellets
Flakes 15 gram Pods - $12.99
Pellets 120 gram Pods - $16.99
(includes shipping)
Aegis Range
Aegis Range Flakes & Pellets
Flakes 15 gram Pods - $15.99
Pellets 120 gram Pods - $16.99
(includes shipping)
New Era processing techniques prevent flakes from leaching nutrition into the water and the cold-extruded pellets are soft enough to squish into any size or shape you like and it can also be pressed onto the glass or into rocks to act as a mini feeding station.

Furthermore the cold processed feeds have an incredibly long shelf life of up to two years.

So what is so different?
New Era is unique and this is why it attracts so much attention from the sectors that rely on the highest possible nutritional feed.

New Era is not baked, its world renowned concept works on cold compression thus ensuring no possible loss of nutrient in the manufacturing process, you basically are getting raw fish meal that is then enhanced with other ingredients to fine tune the feed to the targeted fish species.

The other benefit is palatability. Carnivore fish in the wild, feed on soft tissue whether from scraps of a previous feed or from hunting themselves, their stomachs are geared towards soft meaty diets. Herbivores feed on multiple soft algae's, again not hard lumps.

New Era has been developed to mimic this and a fine example of this is where Dubai Mall switched from grinding up tonnes of raw fish meal a month to feed their huge aquarium and switched to New Era as it offered a far more beneficial targeted feed, they have not looked back since.

Technical Nutrition Concept
New Era Aquaculture has embarked on a vision to bring the latest technology in dietary feeds and supplements to the home aquarist.

Our Technical Nutrition concept is a tailor made diet and supplement range for captive coral reef species.

Incorporating state of the art technological processes and new scientific developments in dietary performance, our nutrition range brings the home aquarium in to a New Era.

This range has been developed from the highest quality products, encompassing components that form well-balanced feeds with only natural preservatives producing a highly palatable and digestible formula for both dry and frozen feeding regimes.

All products have been designed to prevent leaching and rapid degradation of feeds to complement recirculated filtration systems.

Technical Nutrition Strategy
Our Marine and Aegis range of dietary feeds have been developed for use as an all-inclusive well-balanced feeding strategy.

Using our Aegis technical range in rotation with the standard Marine products ensures constant nutritional variation to maximize health and vigour.

By following the recommended feeding strategy, these products are designed to complement each other in supporting the fish immune system.
The Finest Quality Reef & Salt Water Aquarium Products Available

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