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Live Rotifers 100% Natural, Free Swimming

No Preservatives or Additives, no Binders or Gels, no Thickeners or Emulsifiers.

Dr.G's Aquacultured Live Rotifers, are truly planktonic, free swimming zooplankton-the base of the marine food chain, extremely nutritional to all reef inhabitants.

Dr.G's Live Rotifers will stay alive, swimming in the water column and stimulating feeding responses by Corals, Clams, Filter Feeders, bigger forms of Zooplankton and small fish. Live Rotifers are what they eat, and ours are fed exclusively with Dr.G's Phytoplankton. They are extremely rich in high value fatty acids (DHA & EPA) and carry these high potency nutrients to your tank inhabitants as they are consumed.

Live Rotifers are excellent as food for fry, copepods, clams, shrimp and mandarins. Sea horses absolutely love them.

The word Live Rotifers comes from Latin, meaning wheeled animals. The wheels (that you can see only under a microscope) are the corona. They have tiny elements called cilia, which propel them through the water.

Our Live Rotifers are Brachionus plicatillis L type species. (150-300 microns), grown in our facilities at a salinity of 1.024, which should be very close to your own tank's salinity (specific gravity). There is no need to adapt them to your tank.

Dosage: Check your systems and the Rotifer bottle, for specific gravity (salinity), if there is less than a 0.007 difference pour the entire contents of the bottle into your refugium or sump, where they will multiply and get pumped into your main system. If there is more than 0.007 difference you must adjust by the drip method or the Live Rotifers will go into shock, stop swimming and drop to the bottom.

Feeding your Live Rotifers: To maintain Rotifer population in your system, feed them with Dr.G's Phytoplankton 3-4 times a week.

Ingredients: Dr.G's Live Rotifers are living zooplankton, have no preservatives or additives and are 100% Natural.

Storage: Dr.G's Live Rotifers will LIVE up to 3 weeks in the refrigerator. Shake the bottle once a day to prevent the Phytoplankton cells (which feed them) from falling out of suspension.

Warning: Not for Human consumption. For Aquarium Use Only. Keep out of reach of children.
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