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Live Copepods, 100% Natural, Free Swimming Pods

No Preservatives or additives

Dr.G's Live Copepods are Pods that you can actually see with your naked eye. Commonly called Pods these large copepods, have been adapted to strive at higher tank temperatures up to 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

At Dr.G's we pack them with a generous amount of Dr.G's Phytoplankton, so they have enough food to survive while in transit to your tank. We do care for our Pods.

Dr. G's Live Copepods are a fundamental part of the marine ecosystem - zooplankton food. These are Pods/Copepoda, which are small crustaceans, constitute one of the greatest sources of protein in the ocean. Live Copepods have two different modes of propulsion - Gliding and jerking-movements that stimulate feeding responses.

Dr. G's Live Copepods are the best foods for fish that will only eat live foods. Seahorses, Mandarins, Dragonets, Blennies, Pipe Fish all depend on copepods for survival. Other fish, like Anthias, Fire Fish, Chromis, Butterfly Fish, Angelfish, Gobies, Wrasses, Shrimp, Crabs, Anemones and Stars all benefit. Copepod eggs and larval stages are food for both stony and soft corals such as Acropora, Black Coral, Lace Coral, Gorgonians, Chili Coral, Carnation Coral, Sun Corals, LPS Corals etc. Dr. G's Live Copepods are also great for marine aquariums with live rock.

Live Copepods will reproduce on the tank's refugium, boosting energy and nutrient flux - great importance to the well being of the aquaria.

They are perfect for culturing and restocking refugiums, wet/dry's and display tanks, Dr.G's Live Copepods are packed as adults, so you will have them reproducing in no time, having hundreds in your own system.

Dosage: We recommend you use the entire bottle, at once in your system. Dr. G's Live Copepods are raised in normal ocean salinity and won't have osmotic shock when added to your marine tanks. We suggest you compare this bottle's salinity to your tank, if you find a variation greater than 0.004 SG, use 'standard acclimation procedures'.

Feeding your Copepods: These Live Copepods have been raised by feeding them with Dr. G's Phytoplankton. To maintain Copepod population in your system, we suggest you continue to feed them with Phytoplankton 3-4 times a week.

Ingredients: Dr.G's Live Copepods are living zooplankton, have no preservatives or additives and are 100% Natural.

Live Dr.G's Phytoplankton (as food) and Natural Sea water.

Absolutely no chemicals!

Storage: Dr.G's Copepods will LIVE up to 2 weeks at room temperature and longer if refrigerated. Shake the bottle once a day to prevent the (included) Phytoplankton (which feed them) from falling out of suspension. Open bottle once daily to allow air to come into the bottle, so the Copepods are not oxygen starved, which will cause them to die.

Warning: Not for Human consumption. For Ornamental Aquarium Use Only. Keep out of reach of children.

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