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FritzZyme TurboStart 700 & 900 Concentrated Live Nitrifying Bacteria

(15 Times Stronger than the original FrytzZyme 7 & 9 )
Fritz-Zyme Turbo Start 700
Fritz-Zyme TurboStart 700

Fritz-Zyme TurboStart 900
Fritz-Zyme TurboStart 900
TurboStart Products "must" be Refrigerated at all times to retain effectiveness, as these products contain "live nitrifying bacteria".

Products are Distributed by Dr.G's to Florida, Georgia and Puerto Rico stores. Please look for FritzZyme Products inside the Dr.G's Refrigerators or next to them in a dedicated Refrigerator, with the FritzZyme Label.

The Finest Quality Reef & Salt Water Aquarium Products Available

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