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  • Easy to use - Highly Concentrated
  • Essential for Stony Corals (SPS & LPS), Shells, Clams, Snails, Calcareous Algae &Tube Worms
  • Opimized Blend of Ionic Calcium & Buffers
  • Supplies trace elements as Iodide, Magnesium & Strontium at natural ratios

Calcium is a major element in the skeletons of hard & soft corals, calcareous algae, and leather corals. Calcium is also involved in many complex biological processes in you aquarium, reason why is rapidly used and depleted.

Regular water changes do not import enough Calcium to a tank, so it must be added regularly. We suggest keeping an aquarium concentration of Calcium as close as that to Sea Water: 400 – 450 mg/L of Calcium.

Animals and Corals are susceptible and vulnerable to rapid and drastic changes of chemistry in an aquarium, we do not recommend to raise Calcium levels more than 15 mg/L per day. Add Calcium (same with any other additives) over a period of several days until you reach the desired level.

Dr.G’s has highly concentrated this Calcium supplement and balanced it with ions of magnesium, strontium and iodide, all at natural Sea Water ratios.

Storage: Store in a cool, dry place.

Warning: Not for Human consumption. For Aquarium Use Only. Keep out of reach of children.

Coral Reef Calcium - 16 oz. - $20.00

The Finest Quality Reef & Salt Water Aquarium Products Available

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