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Dr. G's Live Copepods are a fundamental part of the marine ecosystem - zooplankton food. These Live Copepods, constitute one of the greatest sources of protein in the ocean.

Dr.G's Copepods are "Alive", Our Pods are Excellent live food source for finicky eaters such as mandarin gobies, sea horses, watchman gobies, lawnmower & scooter blennies.

All species in your tank will benefit with the addition of Live Copepods. Add them to your system with lights off, so they make it to the safety of the rocks, where they will reproduce and populate your tank, until they get eaten by your hungry pets. No preservatives or additives.

At Dr.G's we care for our Live Pods, they are packed Gut Loaded, and we even add a generous amount of our Phytoplankton to each bottle, so they arrive healthy and well fed. A delicacy for your tank.
100% Natural, Living Phytoplankton

Live Copepods 100% Natural, Free Swimming
8 oz: $18.00

There is excessive heat during the summer months, as such, we will not be able to ship this product until the end of September.
Please ask for it at your LFS / Retailer.

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