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Commercial Aquaculture Hatcheries, Universities & Pharmaceutical Customers:

Dr.G's Marine Aquaculture is a leading provider of plankton feeds in South Florida.

Commercial Aquaculture industries include, Shrimp Hatcheries, Fish Hatcheries, Shellfish and Bivalves Hatcheries, all of which require Dr.G's Phytoplankton, which are "live blends", preservative and additive free.

Larviculture applications require Dr. G's Live Rotifers and other forms of Live Zooplankton.

Dr. G's Live Products, are the perfect solution for the Commercial Aquaculture Industry, providing very high quality products, at very reasonable prices.

We also can provide many different Live Phytoplankton & Live Zooplankton cultures for Universities, Colleges and Pharmaceutical companies. Please contact us for larger volume quantities, we can provide solutions to your needs.

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