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6 Stage RO/DI "top of the line" Filter

The 6 Stage is the most elaborate, over the top RO/DI System design by Dr.G's. This amazing filter was design for the production of simply the best water that is needed for Dr.G's Live Plankton Cultures.

6 Stage RO/DI Double Filter Now available to the concerned reefer hobbyist, which requires the best quality RO/DI water for his tank, producing up to 80 GPD. This unit comes equipped with an Ammonia Blaster/Remover and a Catalytic Carbon cartridge to eliminate ammonia & chloramine, placed in Municipal water.

6 Stage RO/DI "top of the line" Filter

A standard carbon block works well to remove chlorine, however, more and more municipalities are adding ammonia to the water treatment processes to stabilize the chlorine from releasing harmful by-products into the water. As you may know, ammonia is toxic. This filter will remove toxic ammonia from your water.

The Catalytic Carbon is the Chloramine (NH2CL) remover cartridge, it will remove the chlorine + ammonia also known as chloramines before passing through the reverse osmosis membrane, therefore extending the life of your membrane and deionization (DI) filter. Our Catalytic carbon filter also have a longer life span then the standard carbon block.

The Catalytic carbon works effectively only when run in series with a Carbon Block or a second catalytic carbon, to allow enough contact time with the water.

The 6 Stage "top fop the line" RO/DI Filter offers the following features:
1. High efficiency 1-micron sediment pre-filter (recommended to change up to every 6-8 weeks).

2. One 2-micron chlorine remover carbon block (recommended to change up to every 6-10 weeks).

3. Ammonia Remover/Blaster cartridge, which removes ammonia present in Municipal water. (Recommended to change up to every 8 weeks).

4. Catalytic Carbon cartridge for removal of chloramine (recommended to change up to every 8 weeks).

5. High flow/ high rejection TFC (reverse osmosis) membrane, which will filter up to 80 GPD (gallons per Day) of purified water.

6. High-efficiency color-changing DI cartridge 
(recommended to change when DI media color changes to yellow/brown or your TDS reading is above 20).

7. Solid Aluminum "no-rust" metal mounting bracket

8. Clear 10" filter cartridge housings, of high-grade impact plastic which will not crack under normal operating conditions (125 PSI).

9. Filter Wrench for easy removal of housings, when you need to replace any cartridge filter.

10. ASO installed - Automatic Shut Off Valve + Check Valve, which ensures minimum wastewater, when system is not in use, i.e.: tank is full and float valve shuts down the system.

11. Includes quick connect fittings, and connectors for an Easy "Plug & Play" installation. (feed adaptor: self-piercing saddle valve and wastewater adaptor: drain valve).

12. In-Line TDS Meter (optional) can easily be installed with no special tools.
Note: This unit can be upgraded to produce up to 350 GPD. Please contact our office for details.

6 Stage RO/DI "top of the line" Filter

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