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     Dr. G's Complete Aquarium Plant Fertilizer


Dr. G's Complete Aquarium Plant Fertilizer Dr.G's Complete Aquarium Plant Fertilizer
8oz Proudly Made in the Great USA
Liquid Plant Food for Fresh Water Aquariums
•  Energy Food for Aquarium Plants
•  Enhances Color and Growth Rates
•  Ready to Use
Dr.G's Complete Aquarium Plant Fertilizer is a complex aquarium plant food, made with "Macro" and "Micronutrients" (also called trace elements), both are consumed directly by the Aquarium Plants, providing energy for metabolic functions, color & growth. The nutrients in this bottle are a "complete formula" and are indispensable for cellular functions of the plants and activation of vital enzymes.

Aquarium Plants are wonderful additions to your tank. Get the best out of your planted aquarium feeding them with Dr.G's Complete Aquarium Plant Fertilizer.

Our formula is "Indispensable" for Plants described as "impossible or difficult to feed", stimulating an almost immediate growth and enhanced coloration.

Each component of Dr.G's Complete Aquarium Plant Fertilizer has a function at a specific part of the aquarium plant. Our research has shown that optimum plant growth is not due to overdosing macro & micronutrients, but instead using the right amount of each in a balanced formula and dosed properly.

Exceptional Fresh Ingredients: Potassium, chelated iron, chelated manganese, boron, chelated zinc, molybdate, copper, cobalt and nickel in a proprietary solution.

Contains no Phosphates, Nitrates or unwanted chemicals.

Dosage: Feed in a high flow area of aquarium, 1 capful (5 ml) for each 25 gallons of tank water every 4 days. Increase to three times a week in densely planted aquariums.

Storage: Keep at a cold dry place and avoid direct sunlight at all times.

Warning: Not for Human Consumption. For ornamental fresh water aquarium use only. Keep out of reach of children.

An 8oz bottle treats 1250 US gallons at standard dosage.

Dr.G's Complete Aquarium Plant Fertilizer
$20.00 - (FREE SHIPPING)

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